2 Week Workout Plan Everyone Can Do

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We have 2 weeks until the New Year is upon us. Most of these two weeks will be filled with food, family, parties, Christmas lights, and sweets, so many sweets. The mindset of many is just to wait until Jan 1, to set a goal and tackle it after the holidays are over. But why wait? Why let the sweets and treats and holiday party food build up in your system and around your waist line?  Why not start now with a plan to help off set the holiday cheer and put yourself in an even better position come Jan 1? Check out this 2 week workout plan I made that anyone can use.




Enter this 2 week workout plan. This plan combines strength training with high intensity interval training (HIIT) to focus on both building muscle and burn fat at the same time. Now I will take a minute to touch on the subject of building muscle mass for women, as it seems to be taboo in some minds.

Lifting weights will not make you big and bulky. Again, lifting weights WILL NOT make you big and bulky. I promise. Lifting weights will gain you muscle mass, which will create the coveted toned look, and burn more calories. Wait what? That’s right muscles burn more calories at rest then fat. Not surprising but a concept most don’t even think about. This means the more muscle mass you have, the more calories you are burning just sitting around. That’s pretty sweet huh?


Second part of this is the calorie and protein focus. The download has details on how to figure out your total daily energy expenditure (TDEE) which determines how many calories you should eat daily. This is based on your age, height, weight, and physical levels.


Next part is determining your protein intake. Take your weight and divide by .8, this gives your protein in grams per day. Example: 140lbs divided by .8= 112 grams of protein a day. This may seem like a lot, but its not. Truthfully most people will have a hard time hitting it every day so having it be a little high is okay.


Now to track all this fun stuff. Myfitnesspal is a great app to track you calories and protein intake daily. I caution you to enter in your own goals. use the app and put in your own calorie goals, your own protein goal per day. Then simply track your total calories and aim to hit your protein goal daily. Its that easy. Don’t forget to take before and after pictures and measurements so you will know just how much you accomplished. If you need help figuring this part out check out my blog post all about before and after pictures and measurements. 


How to Track your fitness progress and goals.

Going to go ahead and point out those abs (since they are mine) and the post baby belly button! Good thing those two kids are PERFECT and worth every imperfection on my body ;).  Pointing this out for you mommas out there thinking its not possible to have a flat tummy again. Because it is. PS: my kids were 8lb 7oz and 9lbz 7oz, 20 months apart, and littlest one is 2 years old. Oh and I have hypothyroidism if you haven’t been checking out my blog enough to see that.


Focus on balance and tracking what you eat accurately. This will help you be more mindful to maybe take a bite of the treat, but not eat the whole thing. If you have a high calorie treat filled day, follow it with a clean eating lower calorie day. Balance it all out from one day to the next and you will make it through the holiday season with out a negative impact on your fitness goals.


Get the plan here!

Click here to get the 2 week challenge emailed to you. Workouts you can do at home or in the gym.

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What are your goals for this next year? What’s your plan of attack?


Need help with meal planning to make the most of your workout efforts? Check out my best how to tips here    or my healthy pre-made meal plan with printables here 





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  1. Tifanee | 8th Jan 18

    Excited to get the email! This sounds like a good easy to follow program for me. I’m just starting to build some muscle and stamina back up after loseing it to illness.

    • admin | 8th Jan 18

      Good!!! Let me know what you think and if you need any help with anything. Its easy because you can customize weights and reps to you and your stage. Take it easy and work back into it. No point in killing yourself right off the bat! Congratulations on getting back into working out!

  2. Nikki | 9th Jan 18

    I just signed up for this plan (after the new year). Great points about getting a head start! I’ve used fitness tracker and use to let it calculate how much I should be taking in until I had a nutritionist calculate it for me. The difference was astonishing!

    • admin | 14th Jan 18

      The apps are so inaccurate it’s terrible! I hope you love this plan, email me with any questions and enjoy!

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