Saturday morning pancakes

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Enjoying a Saturday morning breakfast with my family is important to me and has been a tradition in my family. Pancake breakfast is my go to, with the added bonus of freezing some for the week.  Plus my little ones loves to help!

We use the ihop secret pancake recipe and usually make our own buttermilk for it. I double the recipe and freeze the extras for a quick breakfast or snack throughout the week. To freeze just put on a baking sheet that will fit in your freezer and put the pancakes on the sheet, not touching, and layer with a piece of parchment paper. Put in freezer till frozen then dump in a freezer bag and label with the date. All done! Bam easy meal throughout the week you can heat up super-fast and in whatever quantity you need. 
My process starts with prepping the butter milk, aka dumping apple cider vinegar into milk. Then I lay out the bacon on a foil lined baking sheet and put in the oven at 375, checking every 8 minutes or so until its done. It’s a nice easy way to cook bacon without much effort which is so handy when your making breakfast with a toddler and new born by yourself. Luckily my littlest one who is not so little doesn’t mind being strapped to me while I am on my cooking rampage.
Meanwhile, my toddler tornado destroys the house, takes out every toy imaginable, while grabbing pancakes as they come hot off the press. Please no harsh comments on the lack of makeup, it was early and make up has become a thing of the past. But this is the morning summed up in one picture that was promptly followed by a dance party in the kitchen.
Eventually I am able to wrangle him and get him to eat some food in his chair. I took this picture to show a little bit of the mess that ensues from me attempting to make breakfast. This is real life, crazy, messy, hectic, beautiful and full of food. (and puppies waiting for the inevitable food to be flung from the high chair)
Does your family have any weekend traditions? Favorite recipes?

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  1. Maggie | 8th Jan 18

    We love pancakes too. Now my daughter is 3 she helps me stir and bake them. We use a recipe from “The Breakfast Book” by Maida Heatter but I sub in whole wheat flour and a little cornmeal, since I like the crunch. I’ve never made my own buttermilk before, though, that’s a great idea! If I’m out, I usually just swap in yogurt. Great point about freezing the pancakes, too!

    • admin | 8th Jan 18

      That’s great! Mine started super young, luckily we were the only ones eating them as little helpers can add extra ingredients! I like the idea of yogurt now that we don’t have to be dairy free!

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