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Le tote blazer jacket with polka dots

Like many of you I have been seeing Le Tote every where lately, and I finally decided to give it a shot. What drew my attention to this service over others was the option to pick my own pieces to be sent to me. I have tried Stich Fix before and that was my one sticking point. I loved the idea of a stylist picking  for me but I have a pretty specific style and some times the stylist got it, other times they didn’t, and when they did they sent me clothes that were to expensive for my budget.


While I am trying to have a more adult and put together outfit I still need to be mindful about how much I spend and how it fits into our budget. So to spend $40 or more on one piece, it must fit perfect and I must be in love with it.  So for the $40 I had two boxes sent to me in a month and wore quiet a few items. The ones I didn’t wear was due to size issues or weather issues. Silly Colorado cant make up its mind sometimes if it wants to be warm, or cold, or hailing, or raining, or snowing, or all of the above in the same day.


Below is some pictures of the clothes and my pros and cons

le tote box #1

Le Tote #2


Thought on the clothes

I was surprised on the quality of everything. It was all well made and I felt well worth the price. The material wasn’t faded or pilled at all. Everything was beautiful and was a few pieces surprised me on how well they fit and good they looked.


Le Tote #1

The first black shirt was just so big that I never wore it. It was too baggy and just didn’t do anything for me. That was my fault as I went back and read the descriptions that the size ran large. The quality, cut , and fabric were so amazing though I was very disappointed it didn’t fit. Plus in all honesty, when shirts cover my booty I get a little sad because I have been working so hard at growing that baby I hate to cover it up!

The leather jacket was PERFECTION!  Soft and supple with a very interesting zipper and details. It fit perfect and I got so many compliments on it! If I could have spend $125 on a jacket I would have bought this in a heart beat! Everything about it was amazing.

Next was the light colored flannel. The material and pattern on this one were great. Such a soft shirt and the colors were soft and subtle. Only issue was it was too big in size so the oversized portion of this comfy flannel just made it way too big. I couldn’t quite get it too look right with skinny jeans on my body with out looking to boxy and baggie.

Last was the blue wrap shirt. I LOVED this shirt. Seriously. It fit great, the material was thick enough to hide all imperfections even though it was snug and form fitting. The cut made me look curvy and hug me in all the right places with out showing off to much. It was perfect for work with black skinny work pants and flats or heels. I felt so sexy but professional and had SO many compliments it was great. Plus I have blue eyes so they really popped. Again, if I had the $60 to spend on this I would in a heart beat. (but then mom mode kicks in and I feel guilty spending $60 on a shirt, and life goes on)


Le Tote #2


The grey off the shoulder long sleeve was so cute online and in person. It looks so cute on but wasn’t functional for me and my body type. I have broad shoulders from exercise and anytime I moved my arm the folded over part would come up. A lot of women had pictures of them wearing the shirt and looked great, and as much as I would have loved for it to work for me, it didn’t. I cant spend my day fiddling with my clothes.

The blue pants fit amazing ,but were too long. They fit great on the booty and come up high enough to hold all the mommy extra tummy parts in. I would have worn them with boots but the weather didn’t get cold enough and they were way to long to wear with heels or flats. Material was thick and the fit really accentuated everything in the right places.


I had to many compliments on the black blazer with polka-dots! The open front of the blazer changed up the typical lines that don’t fit around my bust line and those polka a dots added a fun element to the normal black blazer. Not yet being 30 I enjoy the fun pops to include in my clothes. I usually feel like when I move my arms in blazer I will rip out the seams but not in this one!


The black pencil skirt was a winner! Silly Colorado weather didn’t jive with me wearing this (plus me weeks schedule never had a none job site day, and lets be honest, hard to wear a skirt and work boots and wander around a job site and be safe and be taken seriously)  It fit wonderfully and the material hide my imperfections. It was long enough to feel appropriate for work but still a fun skirt. Unfortunately  in my busy mom life I missed the 90% off sale and lost my chance to get this skirt for $9. Super sad face!



1. I really enjoyed Le Tote and scrolling through the options and picking my 5 items

2. The descriptions are great to try to get a feel on how clothes will fit and being able to see them on real women helped me make my choice.

3. I also really liked that you can get multiple boxed in a month based on your turn around time frame.

4. You can pick outfits and clothes based on events you have coming up. Lets say you need a nice dress, or comfy clothes for a vacation. You can pick that in your box.

5. You can see the prices of the clothes before they come to you and mentally prepare yourself for the purchase if it fits right. Plus everything is discounted from original price!

6. The clothes have categories so you can easily search for different styles or types of clothes.



  1. Its fairly expensive to just be paying for the clothes to be sent to you. I do wish the money spent on the box could be used towards a purchase.
  2. I don’t live a life that lends towards most the clothes. If you are stylish or work in an environment where having different outfits and options is beneficial then this service would be great for you!
  3. If you really don’t like shopping. You can have clothes sent to you, get a feel for the fit and even where them to make sure they will work with your day. Then return what doesn’t work and keep the rest! Pretty simple!


Over all I feel like this service could be great for a lot of women. You can suspend your subscription for long periods and then restart it when you need a refresher or have an event that you need a special outfit for. I love the ability to pick your own items and seeing real women in the clothes.  If you want to try it out and click here. This is an affiliate link and I will earn a little something for you using it but it wont cost you anything more.


With all the subscriptions boxes out there right now which ones are you using and enjoying?




Have you used Le tote? How did you like it? Comment below!



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  1. Annie | 29th Jan 18

    I’ve used Le Tote too. I actually really enjoyed it because like you said you can pause and restart your subscription anytime, and also I love being able to wear new clothes and try new trends.

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