Lifting the fog, Hypothyroidism and you

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Gluten intolerance, fibromyalgia, Hashimoto, PCO…. these are all terms that are common terms that most of us recognize and have a vague idea on what they pertain too. 5 years ago, we wouldn’t have said the same. I don’t know about all of you, but I feel the research and focus on diseases and afflictions that used to be brushed off and misdiagnosed has increase 10 fold. While most still battle the healthcare system to get correct diagnosis with these types of afflictions, they are becoming relevant enough that doctors aren’t looking at us like we have two heads when we bring them up. Not that the self check web MD style of figuring out what is wrong with you is recommended, but sometimes arming your self with knowledge can be invaluable as well as over kill. The big beautiful cyber space world has benefits and downfalls.
I digress though. For those who have suffered from illness that has lead to countless doctor appointments and recommended treatments that do nothing for them, this new era of understanding is refreshing. Not only are doctors listening more, but so are our friends, family, co-workers, the world.
I have hypothyroidism. I was diagnosed when I was pregnant with baby number two, but I am pretty sure a doctor had an idea 5 years prior when she asked me to do some blood tests. Did I do the blood tests at that point?  No, because she didn’t explain why she wanted them, didn’t explain the significance, and I was using military healthcare. Appointments that met my work schedule were 6 months out, and I HATE going to the doctor. So I blew it off.
Until during my first visit while pregnant with nugget and the doctor felt my throat and was super concerned. Its never a good feeling to see the slight look of panic on the doctors face, let alone when pregnant. Some blood work and medicine later I was good to go and getting poked every 4 weeks to check my levels.
Fast forward to post baby number two, when I was all done nursing, and back to the doctor to figure out my thyroid. I knew I was tired all the time and I could visibly  see the swollen thyroid. The doctor I saw was not phenomenal and not informative. I did my blood work, got my new medicine and went on my way. I only reached back out to the doctor when I ran out of medicine just to find out I was supposed to do a follow up blood draw 3 months after the first… it had been 6 months!
With new tests and a new doctor I found out my levels which were previous an 11, were now a 26. I was floored as to how it can go the opposite direction (3 is optimal I guess) when I was taking medicine? The new doctor explained that after pregnancy your body will fluctuate as it decides on the level its settling at. .. and finding the medicine sweet spot is key. According to new doctor (who is actually great) your immune system is suppressed while pregnant so your body doesn’t reject baby, makes sense. So if you have auto immune diseases (insert hypothyroidism) it comes out when your pregnant.
Little back ground on my current life: I get up at 3:20 to go to the gym, I workout, come home and get ready for work and wrestle two kids under 4 into clothes, then work full time, then back home for more mommin… oh and we have our own custom home building company that I do the accounting/marketing/ etc for. So when I was tired I thought it was because of all the things I do and the schedule I keep… turns out it was because of my thyroid. Day one of taking my medicine and the fog had lifted, I was no longer exhausted by noon, and dead on my feet  by 5.
For those who suffer with this or anything else auto immune related, I feel your pain. I feel the pain of not knowing, and maybe not knowing that you didn’t know. Not knowing that your icky feeling, the exhausted feeling, the sore feeling, the beat down feeling, the feeling that know one actually understands how your body feels could all be changed. With a little medicine, a little understanding, and a lot of guidance.
I love a mixture of holistic and traditional medicine. I will not stop taking my medicine as it has changed my quality of life in days, but I also know there is opportunity to help my body with  natural methods, or so it seems.
I will share my journey with you all, so in case I find something that works or doesn’t work (for me at least) then you all can give it a shot too! I am excited for this, and sharing my life, our recipes, thoughts, and projects with you all as well. And thus begins my blogging adventure.
Do you have hypothyroidism? What was your experience when you found out?
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  1. Heidi | 13th Dec 17

    I have was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s over 9 years now. Last fall, my meds got messed up when my husband switched jobs and our insurance changed. My body had a major revolt and I am still trying to get everything back on track with it. I have found that food affects SO much for me, and I also now have psoriasis and possibly RA. Interested to read your journey as mine has definitely been full of many twists and turns over the years.

    • admin | 14th Dec 17

      Thank you for sharing! Any tips and suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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