Healthy Customizable Meal Plan

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                                                     **Photo credits linked to blogs the recipe is from, sites at bottom and on word doc**
I have been helping a friend create healthy meal plans for her family. After her raving about the plan I decided to make the meal plan useable for everyone and share here with you all!
The premise of this list is that it has the meal plan with some notes of variations I took from the recipes so you can follow along. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks are all included. Best part? The shopping list notes what “meal” they apply to so you can easily edit it to your liking. Say you dont like one meal, find its items delete them! Double the recipe or modifiy for amounts you want etc.
I HIGHLY recommend doubling some of these items and freezing them so you can cook once and have some following weeks with out cooking again.  Also, none of them take a ton of skill or time. Its meant to be meals for normal people, with families, and lives that require the need to eat with out spending hours in the kitchen.
This should be SUPER easy to follow! If you have questions let me know. Here is a break out of the meals:
-Breakfast Sandwich
-Egg Muffin
-Instant Oatmeal/Old fashion oatmeal with fruit.
– Baked Chicken, ½  baked sweet potato, frozen veggie.
-Chicken Salad Wrap with carrots and snap peas =
-Spaghetti with peas
-Chicken, green beans and potatoes
-Crockpot BBQ chicken with frozen veggies
-Crockpot veggie lasagna
– plain Greek yogurt, granola, and fruit (add honey if needed, not on list) I put 1-2 on list depending on how much you eat as a snack for the family throughout the week, need 1/2c for the chicken salad)
-bananas/ Fruit (just grab what’s on sale/what you like few pieces for snacking on)
-Celery & Peanut Butter
Download here: Meal Plan 12.9.17
credit to the following blogs that the recipes come from:


Love this but want to make your own? Check out my easy to follow guide for planning your meals along with printables to organize everything super easy!

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  1. Wendy | 4th Feb 18

    These are so delicious to look at. Makes my mouth water.

    • admin | 5th Feb 18

      Good! Let me know if you try any, they area staples in our house.

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