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The holidays are upon us. Halloweens candy filled sugar craze is over. The biggest feasting day of the year just came to a close. Christmas cookies, holiday parties, office treats, and Christmas dinner are here.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be a statistic. The statistic that people gain 5 lbs every year during the holiday season, that they never loose. Not good! My plan to combat all this is not to forgo the yummy treats… but to eat in small portion sizes and work out. HARD!


Figuring out the Fitness 
I vary my workout program often as I get bored super easy. But I always seem to fall back to or include HIIT. I see such a change so quick in my body when I do HIIT and I have such a hard time doing cardio! I am getting better at doing a cardio split of step up machine, running, and cycling for a total of 45 min, but its till not my favorite.
You will hear me be an advocate for women lifting weights often in this blog. IT WILL NOT MAKE YOU BULKY. Promise. If you are fearful of that happening then check in with me and we can review your weights to ensure it doesn’t happen. But I really really really really doubt that will happen.
I put together a workout program that incorporates weight lifting and HIIT training in order to add muscle as well as lean out at the same time. The beauty of mixing these two components together is you can get a complete workout in less time as well as work multiple muscle groups at once.
Figuring out the Food 
A vital component of all this is to make sure of two things. Your calories are in check, and you are getting enough protein. You can this by going to this TDEE calculator, entering your information and getting a base line for the amount of calories you should be eating. Then you can add or subtract 10-15% to either lose or gain weight.
Example: I need 2100 calories for maintenance. This is based on my height, weight, and daily energy expenditure, which accounts for working out 3-5 days a week. Now go back and re-read that. My calories accounts for working out. That means you will NOT, I repeat: you will NOT, subtract the calories from your workout from your daily total. This will make sense in a minute when we talk about calorie trackers. When I want to cut, aka go into a deficit, aka obtain weight loss, then I am around 1800 calories. When  I want to go into gain mode I eat around 2,300 calories.
Free Downloads
Head over to Reviving you to get your free download! Then do it for a week, then another week, then another, and check back in with me and see how you feel and let me know what a difference you see!
Squeak this in as much as you can while the holidays are swirling about you to make sure you start the new year off right by getting after it now.
Let us know what your goals are below! Share your plan, or ask for guidance.


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