Construction Birthday Party- 2 year old

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 For those that know my little man, they know that he LOVES tools. That’s an understatement. He is OBSESSED with tools. He wakes up talking about them, takes them to daycare, can say pliers,pipe wrench and hammer. So the choice to throw him a Construction Birthday Party for this second birthday was a no brainer. After perusing Pinterest I compiled my favorite ideas and this is what I came up with.



I put these together on Word, printed them at Kinkos, and mailed them or handed them out. Very basic and easy!




Keeping with the theme I used toy equipment from around the house and yard (cleaned…ish) A quick trip to Hobby Lobby for the caution tape, cones, hard hats, plates and napkins, road table runner, happy birthday banner, fun zone banner, cupcake liners and cupcake toppers. Cheap paint trays from Lowes held the chips, Hawaiian buns/cheese, and veggies and dips plus the hardware holders for the donuts and chex mix.

Some internet searching and magic in Word produced the caution  signs that served as labels.

Don’t mind the creeper eyes of my Lab our back looking longingly at the food.

Since his birthday is so close to the holidays (notice the Christmas decorations in there), and I was hosting, and it was just me a baby and a two year old,  I decided to keep the food simple and easy and just throw together
The Grub:
Chex mix “Nuts and Bolts”
Chocolate Donuts “Truck Tires”
Veggies and Ranch Dip “Dip”
Tortilla Chips “Wood Chips”
Canned Chili in crock pot “Pebbles”
Cheese Dip “Wet Paint”
Meatballs in Sauce “Wrecking Ball’s”
Hawaiian Buns “Boulders” and Mozzarella Cheese cut down for DIY meatball sliders
Some clothes pins with a printed out road construction sign served as the labels for the food.
Screw organizers from Lowes stacked nicely and held some fun finger foods for the kids.
I used a paint tray to hold the veggie and dip items.
The fueling station had lemonade in the dispenser and two buckets, one with water one with beer.


I am not a baker by any means. so the thought of a cake that was supposed to look deconstructed and would have Oreo crumbs covering up all my mistakes seemed like heaven to me. It was easy to put together and make using box cake and store bought frosting. Few little toys really just made this cake come together.


The road table runner added the perfect amount of decoration to the table. Notice the bathroom sign in the background? Man I have been on the job site too long.




Little man LOVES construction so much we had a lot of decorations available around the house which was awesome! We got his a giant tractor from Costco that made his day! I don’t know who was more excited.. me to give it to him or him to get it!! I was giddy for a month waiting to give it to him! BTW those things are a B*** to put together.. took over an hour and only had vague photos with cartoons putting it together.. I digress…
All together the Construction Birthday  party went so well. He had a blast with his one friend, yes I kept it small because  I am not crazy.  And all the adults who are in his life raved about the food.   If you have any questions let me know.

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